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Numbness, Burning, Cramping, Sharp Pains, Tingling, Hurts to Walk, Trouble Sleeping because of pain in your Feet or Legs

If you have suffered from one or all these symptoms then congradulations, you have just taken the first step to becoming free from foot pain and numbness. Here at Optimal Health Straw Chiropractic we listen and work with you to help ‘heal your body naturally’ and end the painful suffering from neuropathy.

Over the last 4 years we have helped more than 2500 people suffering with the chronic pain, burning, tingling and numbness of neuropathy – reduce their pain, and start on the path to walking more pain-free, some after their very first treatments.

My team of dedicated doctors has helped to save many on the verge of being completely disabled by using our proprietary treatment protocol – dramatically accelerate healing and reversing the pain of damaging neuropathy.

There is hope for patients whose feet, legs, and hands have been damaged by neuropathy. Our proprietary care program improves circulation and helps restore feeling to your feet and hands.

You don't have to just "Learn to Live with it" or take prescription pain killers to ‘mask you pain’

Risky surgery does not guarantee a fix to your pain. Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to listen to you and help you get your life back.

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Do You Qualify For This New Program?

When you call and make an appointment, we will see if you qualify for the Consultation. If you do, I’ll perform a specialized Qualitative Clinical Scoring System of the Peripheral Nervous System to see if we may be able to help. This is a 16 step process, that is painless, but critical to determine If I can help you.

Please call one of my 3 offices, which are conveniently located throughout Southern California. Add some peace to your life or the life of someone you love.

Dr. Phil Straw, D.C.